Refund policy

Returns and Cancellations

Regarding Returns and Cancellations

In general, we do not accept order changes, product exchanges, or returns after your order has been confirmed.

Exceptions for Returns

As an exception to the above, we will accept exchanges or returns within 30 days of receiving your product in the event a product other than the one you ordered arrived or the product was defective.
In either of the above cases, return shipping will be paid for by this company.
Please contact us with pictures and an explanation of the product’s condition.

Non-Accepted Returns

Please be aware we will not accept returns in the following situations.

  • Opened merchandise
  • Products for which the packaging or other accessories are missing or damaged
  • Returns without a receipt (Detailed statement, credit card sales slip)
  • Products damaged or stained while in the customer’s possession
  • Products purchased with intent to resell (Including when this company determines there was intent to resell)
  • Excessive or repeated returns or exchanges
  • Returns or exchanges for more than five of the same product number, or products that did not match the customer’s expectations prior to purchasing

*We will not accept products that were deliberately damaged or stained

Regarding Cancellations

This company uses an automated system to promptly proceed to shipping preparation once an order has been confirmed, thus we cannot accept cancellations or changes to the order’s contents post-confirmation.
As we deal with new products, we’re terribly sorry for any inconvenience, but we ask that you confirm that you are ordering the correct products while you enjoy shopping with us.

Regarding Cancellations due to Large Numbers of Orders or Out of Stock Products

Due to our payment processing system, customers may be able to order more products than are in stock in some cases involving a rapid influx of orders.
In such cases, we may cancel orders which were completed after the stock ran out.
When making cancellations, we will contact you and refund your payment.
Please be aware before ordering.