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LUCKY DAY CRAFT x FOGGY LAND Collaboration Sticker

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LUCKY DAY CRAFT x FOGGY LAND Collaboration Sticker

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Collaboration Sticker



Designer Name        | Koshin May

Hobbies          | Wool felt, making teddy bears, stuffed animals, etc.


Introduction of the original character "兔咩(Bunny May)"

Rabbits who have been living in the forest all their lives came across a lost lamb one day.

In order to reassure the lamb, which was afraid of being separated from its flock, the rabbits put on woolen costumes disguised as a flock of sheep, and together with the lamb, they search for the flock.

The rabbits are called "兔咩(Bunny May)" from there meaning rabbit and sheep.

Like these lambs, we too can get lost, depressed, and despair at times in this glittering world.

At such times, Bunny May is there for us to heal our hearts.


About the    FOGGY LAND

Japanese designer, moya, takes the land filled with fog, magic and steam engines - FOGGY LAND as the theme, to create a series of illustrations and toy figures.

The cute little elves in FOGGY LAND start countless magical adventures ......


Introduction of the original character "   fuwadokokamuri"

The "fuwadokokamuri" who inhabits the Violet Peaks is a rare bread who can use magic🪄

They are born and raised in magic power, and can be found anywhere in FOGGY LAND. Their body color changes when they eat ore.
While in fact, the creatures are very harmless creatures with no sense of caution at all…

✨ Imagine having your very own magical companion by your side! It's like a dream come true! 😍💫