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Nigiris / Seibutsuzukan

Salmon Nigiris (approx. 1/1 scale soft vinyl)

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Salmon Nigiris (approx. 1/1 scale soft vinyl)
Salmon Nigiris (approx. 1/1 scale soft vinyl)
Salmon Nigiris (approx. 1/1 scale soft vinyl)
Salmon Nigiris (approx. 1/1 scale soft vinyl)
Salmon Nigiris (approx. 1/1 scale soft vinyl)

Product Details

Welcome to the "Salmon NIGIRIS"! Would you like a Salmon Nigiris?
Looks delicious... (Can you eat it?)

Designer "Kumakoro" draws the "Nigiris NIGIRIS ~Still Life Illustrated Book~", a creation of mimetic animals that spells out the ecology of the dining table.
The representative character "Salmon NIGIRIS" appears as a soft vinyl figure in approx. 1/1 scale!
Developed and manufactured by Obitsu Seisakusho, a "made in Japan" company.
We are proud to present a cute soft vinyl to put on your dining table.

This product is not edible.


A character representing Sushinigiris.
The most eaten sushi in the world is salmon.
Its fatty form gives it the air of a champion.

The figure is molded clear with special lame and painted with a gradation coating.
The tail, fins, and toenails are painted separately.
The hair-like rice body was made from a prototype in the shape of real rice.
And the eyes are hand-drawn by Kumakoro themself, one by one, with heart and soul!

If Sushinigiris really existed...!
This is a unique 1/1 scale figure that will make your fantasy come true.

It features a pouting, lowered mouth tip, a back with overlapping streamlined stripes, gills and a tail fin.
The character design reflects the characteristics of actual salmon.


Gather round, Sushinigiris!

From a distance it looks like sushi, but up close it is a nigiris!
This soft vinyl series brings such surprise and fun to your home.
The first soft vinyl in the series comes in four varieties!

Salmon, tuna, shrimp, and egg.

Which Nigiris is your favorite?

All other items are sold separately.

Product Specifications
Approx. 1/1 scale "Salmon Nigiris" soft vinyl figure (approx. 6cm in length)

Limited okbase character card included.

Limited okbase character card
Read the QR code and get NFT art for free!
A card with a special newly written illustration is included.

・Original author, designer
🍣Product planning, design

🍣Obitsu Seisakusho
Prototype production
Development and manufacturing


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