Sushinigiris soft vinyl is now available!

Collection: Sushinigiris soft vinyl is now available!

The Sushinigiris and their friends are now available as approx. 1/1 scale soft vinyl!

Thanks to your support and encouragement through our crowdfunding campaign( in 2022 Thanks to your support and assistance through Finally, the Sushinigiris soft vinyl has been born!

The representative characters "Salmon Nigiris", "Magronigiris", "Tamago Nigiris", and "Ebi Nigiris" are now available in approximately 1/1 scale soft vinyl!

Developed and manufactured by Obitsu Seisakusho of "MADE IN JAPAN".
We are proud to present these cute soft vinyls for your dining table.

Looks delicious..!

*This product is not edible.

From a distance it looks like sushi, but from up close it is a nigiris!
This soft vinyl series offers such surprise and fun at home.

The clear molding with special lame and gradation coating is applied. (Salmon, tuna, shrimp)
Tail, fins, toenails, etc. are painted by painting.
The hair-like rice part was made from a prototype in the shape of real rice.
The eyes are handwritten by Kumakoro himself! The eyes are painted by Kumakoro himself, one by one, with his heart and soul.

If Sushinigiris really existed...!
This is a unique 1/1 scale figure that will make your fantasy come true.

For the first time in the series, there are a total of four types of soft vinyl!

Salmon, tuna, shrimp, and egg.

Which Nigiris is your favorite?

Salmon Nigiris

A character representing Sushinigiris.
Salmon is the most eaten sushi item in the world.
Its fatty form gives it the air of a champion.

Tuna Nigiris

The "Magronigillis" is the most popular species, twinned with the salmon nigillis.
Its powerful and rugged character, reminiscent of tuna, is impressive.

Shrimp Nigiris

The shrimp nigiris has a very different shape from the other nidiridis and has an unusual presence.
Its face is that of a shrimp itself! They wear helmets that look like prawns, but I hear that there are piles of helmets in their nests that they have taken off.
(What kind of face is inside the helmet?)

Tamago nigiris

Children love the tamago nigiris!
The yellow body is plump and round, and brightens up the atmosphere.
The texture is also different from the other three "namamono.

・Original author and designer
・Product planning and design

🍣Obitsu Seisakusho
・Prototype production
・Development and manufacturing