What is okbase?

We are okbase, a global lifestyle toy marketplace 

where designers from around the world come together 

to help create excitement and entertainment in your everyday life.


On our store’s designers and brands page, 

you can find a variety of designer toys such as garage kits, soft vinyl figures, and character goods. 

We not only provide a platform for selling products, 

but also offer entertaining content such as stories written by the designers themselves 

and introductions written by staff of products that have been tested through actual play.


We believe that encountering things 

that aren't just recommended to you by the internet, 

but are like chance encounters that lead you down a new path, 

can make your journey a little more exciting.


Our goal is to create a place where people 

from all generations and backgrounds 

can discover things they love,

and a place where designers can be inspired 

to take on new challenges and create something new.


We would be honored 

to become a place for everyone to play and have fun.