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Interview with the Creative Mind Behind Mochi Studio: Q-chan

| Designer's Name:


| Introduction of the Iconic Character:

Step into the world of Q-chan, a dedicated connoisseur of all things "fluffy" and "chewy" when it comes to the realm of sweets!

| Unveiling the Artistic Journey:

Q-chan's creative odyssey traces back to the joys of snack time and the allure of dessert photography. Among the delectable treats, it's the ethereal charm of fluffy cakes that tugs at their heartstrings. Q-chan's spirit is also stirred by the realms of animals and fairy tales, fostering a dream that entwines their creations with beloved sweets.

| Aspirations for the Future:

Dreams are the guiding stars. Q-chan's constellation envisions vibrant participation in both local and global exhibitions, casting a radiant spotlight upon their works. Yet, their ultimate aspiration transcends mere showcases; it's about building bridges of experience and camaraderie, where the art of crafting toys becomes a shared passion.

| Message to Fans in Japan:

To the beloved fans in Japan, even as my brand takes its initial steps, I pledge to persist in the pursuit of crafting an abundance of endearing characters. Diligence fuels my dedication, and I promise to pour my heart into creating a world where cuteness knows no bounds. Your support empowers me, and together, let's continue to illuminate the path ahead!