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Introducing "DouDou," the original character of Endless Art KYJ

Endless Art KYJ's original character, "DouDou," is extremely shy. Despite being afraid of venturing into new environments, he always wears a costume he made himself to explore the world and be more courageous. Even when he is wearing the costume, he sometimes still gets scared and trembles uncontrollably, which is why people call him "DouDou," meaning "trembling" in Chinese.

Despite being a spirit, DouDou is very easily frightened. He shares many similarities with the designer, who is also timid but adventurous. To help ease DouDou's fears and allow him to take on various challenges like the designer, he was given a costume to wear.

DouDou will continue exploring the unknown world by wearing various costumes.


About the Designer

▶︎ Name: Gin

▶︎ Hobbies: Drawing, gourmet food, coffee.