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OBITSU BODY is a full-scale doll body planned, developed, and manufactured by Obitsu Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Comfortable to hold in the hand, and are available in sizes ranging from 11 cm to a maximum of 150 cm, each with its own unique characteristics. Designed to be compatible with a variety of heads, please find the size you prefer.

Obitsu Manufacturing Co., Ltd. proudly manufactures these bodies, and the posing ability are astounding.

A variety of poses can be used to bring out the doll's expression and charm, helping to expand a new world.

We hope you will enjoy the charm of Obitsu Body to the fullest, in the pose of your choice.


Small and cute, yet has rich expressive power.

The body is approximately 11 cm in length.

Despite its small size, it has a wide range of movement and retention of joints.
The inner parts of the arms have been cut to prevent the sides of the arms from becoming loose when the doll is dressed.

Head adapter for replacement
Head fixing washer
Hand parts: Handles and grips (left and right)


Larger body that allows you to enjoy more powerful poses.

Fully articulated doll body with a height of approximately 30cm.

By combining multiple materials such as ABS and POM, each joint moves smoothly, allowing the doll to pose more freely than previous Obitsu Bodies.

With the previous Obitsu bodies, the only way to raise the shoulders was to rotate the shoulder axis, but with this body, you can now use the flip-up method to raise the arms in a manner similar to that of a human body.

Hand parts: grip and handle (left and right)
Ball-shaped head adapter
Ball head adaptor

Both sizes are items that highlight the high quality technology of Obitsu Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and can be combined with various heads and accessories to create your own original dolls.

Find your favorite doll and expand your world of expression.