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🌦Exploring Uki’s Doll🌦

Can the sky experience emotions?

When sadness envelops us, raindrops descend; when anger courses through, lightning streaks across. Nostalgia stirs the wind, while moments of clarity summon the sun.

Uki gazes skyward, contemplating the intriguing connection between the human psyche and the elements. She perceives clouds and raindrops materializing right before her eyes.

Step into Uki's enchanting realm.

🖌️Unveiling Hayashiuki 

HAYASHIUKI, a beloved Japanese illustrator, gave life to Uki’s Doll, the character in a tender and delightful universe.

With round eyes and cheeks, Uki’s doll, despite her pocket-sized form, embodies a food aficionado, her tummy a treasure trove of countless sweets! 🍮🍬