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Hayashi Uki

Potekko's fashion book of seasons

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Japanese popular illustrator "Hayashi Uki"'s first time "Fashion Art Book"!



The first art book by the popular Japanese illustrator "Hayashi Uki," known for drawing somewhat retro and plump characters called "Potekko." 

What kind of outfits will they wear and what activities will they engage in this month?They are quite busy with fashion and events every month!

Potekko and Chocokko live freely and whimsically, loving every moment. How will they spend their year?


3 Key Points to Look Out For:

1. A new standard in fashion picture books, where Potekko's outfits change vividly with each page turn! You can feel the charm of each month through Potekko's adorable fashion.

2. This book debut! Twelve small dog-like characters, somewhat reminiscent of sweets, called "Chocokko," make their appearance! It's fun to search for the Chocokko who move around Potekko, their beloved.

3. From children to adults, it's cute to display! It's fun to learn! With its impressive retro-cute illustrations, you can enjoy it over and over again in various situations.


Potekko's fashion for 12 Months:

January: Mt. Fuji

February: Setsubun (Bean-Throwing Festival)

March: Hinamatsuri (Doll Festival)

April: Flower fields

May: Koinobori (Carp Streamers)

June: Hydrangeas

July: Starry sky

August: Kakigori (Shaved ice)

September: Rabbits

October: Witches

November: Squirrels

December: Tree


"Potekko" and "Chocokko" are captivating people all over!

・Every page is adorable! I don't usually buy picture books for myself, but I couldn't resist buying it at first sight. (Woman in her twenties)

・This is the first time I've seen such a colorful picture book! The overwhelmingly cute illustrations and rhythmic text that makes you want to hum along captivated my daughter and me in no time. (Mother of a 3-year-old girl)

・We enjoy searching for "Chocokko" together, and it's fun to read. We also enjoy saying, "Chocokko is just like that!" for the seasonal events in our daily lives. (Father of a 4-year-old girl)

・It's a classic theme for picture books to learn about the 12 months, but the illustrations and characters' cuteness make it popular even among adults and foreigners. (Bookstore manager)



Written and Illustrated by Hayashi Uki

Originally from Mie Prefecture. Started working as an illustrator around 2019. Drawing somewhat retro and plump girl ("Potekko"). Published the first art book "Potekko's  fashion book of seasons" (okbooks) in 2024.


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Category: Picture Book

Price: ¥1,650 (tax included)

Number of Pages: 36P

Size: 18×18cm

Country of Production: Japan

First Edition: May 27, 2024

ISBN: 978-4-911295-00-7

Series: okbooks

©︎ hayashiuki / okb