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Huahua design's Original Character "幸運貓 (MR. Good Hao Hao Miao)"

Meet MR. Good Hao Hao Miao, a benevolent and warm-hearted individual who once called "Mao Mao Village" home. Despite his altruism, he faced criticism for his selflessness and often went unrewarded.

Determined to reshape his fate, MR. Good Hao Hao Miao embarked on a journey away from Mao Mao Village in search of a brighter path.

Along his odyssey, destiny intertwined him with "Little Lucky Xiao Xing Yun," an endearing and clever young girl. Their connection grew deep, evolving into a steadfast friendship where they found solace in sharing their thoughts and bolstering each other's spirits.

Embracing this newfound companionship, the two set forth on their journey together.

What twists and turns await them as they traverse this path of discovery?