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About Sting Monster

Amidst the complexities of modern relationships, many carry emotional scars. Enter Sting Monster, a creature forged from those very wounds. Born as a response to pain, these monsters emerge as empathetic companions, offering solace to those who've suffered.

Representative Character - Meet Bell

When his connections falter and friends seem distant, Bell chooses a path of solitude. Yet, fueled by resilience, he embarks on a quest for new companions. With a heart-shaped visage and freckled charm, Bell embodies the essence of vulnerability and strength.


About the Designer - 신민정(Shin Minjeong)

Hailing from Korea, Shin Minjeong (신민정) shines as both a plastic artist and an illustrator. Among the creator's passions are indulging in films, soaking in melodies, collecting toys, and watching the soothing dance of rain.

Q1 | Genesis of Design

The seeds of creation were sown in my cherished collection of figures. The desire to birth my own characters into the realm of toys ignited within me.

Q2 | Vision for Tomorrow

The horizon beckons with a myriad of themes waiting to be explored. I yearn to delve into these uncharted territories.

Q3 | Message to Fans in Japan

In this debut introduction of my creations to Japan, I extend a heartfelt invitation. May the resonance of Sting Monster's message touch your heart. With unwavering dedication, I strive to offer healing through my artistry, providing a source of solace and comfort.