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Collection: Tsubametoy

Discover Tsubametoy: Where Craftsmanship and Creativity Converge

Embark on a journey into the world of Tsubametoy, a budding workshop brimming with passion. Here, the art of crafting original soft vinyl takes center stage.

Cuteness, uniqueness, and captivating intrigue define their creations. Tsubametoy's essence lies in their commitment to producing every facet, from design and prototyping to molding and coloring, right here in Japan.

Immerse yourself in the charm of these meticulously handcrafted soft vinyl treasures, lovingly brought to life in limited quantities. Tsubametoy invites you to savor the allure of their bespoke artistry, a testament to their dedication and unwavering creativity.

Meet the Innovators of Tsubametoy: Crafting Dreams into Reality


Leading the way is Bownuts, a master of the soft vinyl (sofubi) craft. Not only serving as the factory manager at Tsubametoy, Bownuts is a visionary artist proficient in painting, molding, design, and prototyping. This multifaceted creator also shines as a 3DCG designer, excelling in video production and digital prototyping. Fueled by a deep admiration for the 1980s retro character aesthetics, Bownuts masterfully intertwines this nostalgia into their one-of-a-kind creations.

Yoshimura Hitomi

A cornerstone of the team, Yoshimura Hitomi reigns as a sculpting maestro and doll artist. With clay as Yoshimura-san's chosen medium, the creator crafts intricate and captivating pieces. Within the realm of Tsubametoy, the creator orchestrates the realms of sculpting, design, and coloring, imbuing each creation with her unwavering passion. Renowned for the ability to craft designs that beckon tactile exploration, Yoshimura Hitomi's creations stand as uniquely distinctive works, each a testament to creator's skill and dedication.


Greetings from Tsubametoy: Where Dreams Take Form

From the early days of elementary school, Bownuts harbored an unwavering passion for crafting soft vinyl figures by hand. Following a journey that led them to a sofubi factory and years of meticulous preparation, their dream blossomed into reality as they established their very own factory, paving the way for the creation of sofubi figures.

United by a shared dedication to creativity, Bownuts, a former 3DCG designer captivated by retro character aesthetics, and Yoshimura Hitomi, an artist with an affinity for tactile designs, synergized their talents to birth "Tsubametoy." Each figure they craft resonates with profound dedication, evoking the exhilaration akin to holding a sofubi doll for the first time.

Their aspiration reaches beyond visual aesthetics; they endeavor to extend the joy of hands-on interaction. With their maiden creation, "Kumamimi-chan," as a starting point, they envision our sofubi figures infusing a warm, handmade charm into daily lives, creating pockets of happiness and enjoyment for all who encounter them. Join them on this journey as we celebrate the tangible allure of artistry and share in moments of simple delight.