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    About the Designer

    Designer Name        | Koshin May

    Years of creating designer toys | 1 year

    Hobbies          | Wool felt, making teddy bears, stuffed animals, etc.

    Introduction of the original character "兔咩(Bunny May)"

    Rabbits who have been living in the forest all their lives came across a lost lamb one day.

    In order to reassure the lamb, which was afraid of being separated from its flock, the rabbits put on woolen costumes disguised as a flock of sheep, and together with the lamb, they search for the flock.

    The rabbits are called "兔咩(Bunny May)" from there meaning rabbit and sheep.

    Like these lambs, we too can get lost, depressed, and despair at times in this glittering world.

    At such times, Bunny May is there for us to heal our hearts.

    What inspired you to start creating Designer Toys?

    I have always had a passion for crafting and creating things with my hands. Being able to bring to life the characters that I envision in my mind and give them unique styles and forms is truly fulfilling. Each creation I make is like a precious treasure to me.

    My very first Designer Toy was Bunny May, which I crafted using wool felt and fabric. I envisioned Bunny May in my mind and utilized the materials that were available to me. I sewed the body using fabric, covered it with wool, and embroidered the face with thread. This process resulted in the creation of my first Bunny May.

    As time passed, I realized that plush toys tend to age and deteriorate easily. To produce a more durable toy, I switched to creating resin dolls using my current production method.

    Bunny May at the beginning

    (Bunny May at the beginning)

    Strawberry Bunny May

    (Strawberry Bunny May)

    What is your goal these days...?

    I want more people to know about Bunny May! I will try my best to create more and more cute works!

    Message to your fans

    I hope you like this chubby and goofy cute bunny (sheep!?)! I hope you like this chubby & goofy cute bunny (sheep!?)! Thank you very much!