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Designer Profile

Name: Koshin May

Interests: The art of wool felting, the craftsmanship behind teddy bear fabrication, and the artistry involved in crafting a diverse array of plush toys.


Introducing the Original Character "兔咩 (Bunny May)"

Imagine a group of rabbits, inhabitants of the forest, who one day encounter a stray lamb.

Moved by the lamb's distress at being separated from its flock, the rabbits ingeniously don woolen disguises resembling sheep, embarking on a quest alongside the lamb to reunite it with its companions.

It's from this heartwarming tale that the rabbits earned the name "兔咩 (Bunny May)," drawing from both "rabbit" and "sheep" in Chinese.

Much like these endearing characters, we too can find ourselves lost, disheartened, and overwhelmed in the midst of this dazzling world. In moments of such uncertainty, Bunny May emerges as a beacon of solace, ready to mend our spirits and mend our hearts.


Interview with Koshin May

Q: What Sparked Your Journey into Crafting Designer Toys?

A: The flame of creativity has always burned within me, driving my urge to craft and shape with my own two hands. The thrill of breathing life into the characters that dance through my imagination, infusing them with distinct styles and forms, is a gratification like no other. Every piece I conjure becomes a cherished gem in my treasure trove.

My maiden voyage into the realm of Designer Toys commenced with the birth of Bunny May. Armed with wool felt and fabric, I meticulously fashioned this enchanting character. Bunny May was a vivid vision I held in my mind, materializing through the resources at my fingertips. Stitch by stitch, I sculpted the body from fabric, swathed it in wool, and embroidered its countenance with delicate threadwork. Thus, my inaugural Bunny May came to life.

Over time, I acknowledged the transient nature of plush toys, how they are susceptible to the hands of time. This realization prompted me to evolve my craft. To forge sturdier creations, I transitioned to crafting resin dolls using the techniques I employ today.

Bunny May at the beginningStrawberry Bunny May

(First version of Bunny May and Strawberry Bunny May)

Q: What are your current aspirations?

A: My current aspiration revolves around expanding the awareness of Bunny May. I'm dedicated to channeling my efforts into crafting an array of adorable creations, each one an embodiment of cuteness and charm.

Q: Do you have any message for your fans?

A: I hope you like this chubby and goofy cute bunny (sheep!?)! I will try my best to create more and more cute works!