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    Introduction of Brand / Worldview | About Sting Monster

    Many modern people are emotionally scarred by their relationships.

    Sting Monster is a monster born out of those wounds.

    Monsters are beings that sympathize with and comfort people who have been hurt.

    Representative Characters | About Bell

    When she loses contact with her friends

    Alone, Bell

    sets off in search of new friends

    He has a heart-shaped face and freckles as his charms


    About the designer

    신민정(Shin Minjeong)

    Plastic artist and illustrator, born in Korea
    Hobbies are movies, listening to music, collecting toys and watching the rain.

    Q1|How did you start designing?

    I started collecting my favorite figures, and I wanted to make my own characters as toys.

    Q2|What are your goals for the near future?

    I want to approach more themes.

    Q3|Message to your fans

    This is the first time for me to introduce my toys in Japan.

    I hope you can relate to the message of Stingmonster.

    I will do my best to make you feel healed through my works.